Microblading Pittsburgh

Microblading is something that can completely change the way that you think about eyebrow care. Many spend their valuable time worrying about how their eyebrows look and even spend hundreds of dollars a year on maintaining them with consumer makeup tools and brushes. However, this is here to change all of that. When you make the initial investment, you effectively solve your eyebrow issues long-term. While the results can last anywhere from one to three years, during that time you will not have to worry about your eyebrows one bit.

Microblading is something that can help you achieve perfectly shaped and natural looking eyebrows. Whether you are dealing with hair loss or damage from constant wax removal treatments, you should be able to achieve great results. Not only will you be able to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape that you always dreamed of, but it will minimize the time and energy it takes to maintain your eyebrows on a daily basis.

Is It Permanent?

This is where the confusion comes into play; this is not a permanent solution. While it is considered a semi-permanent solution, it will only last for around one to three years. However, the average treatment typically lasts for around one and a half years.

How Is It Performed?

The entire treatment is non-invasive. The professional Esthetician will use a small bladed hand tool which is made up of various tiny needles in order to draw strokes onto your skin. Unlike permanent tattooing, the ink will fade away with time because it is not meant to penetrate as deep as a tattoo. Thus, the risk is much less than a more permanent solution like a tattoo, but you are able to achieve the same kind of results. In fact, the results are even better because the Esthetician is able to utilize lighter and thinner strokes which make the strokes look much more natural than a tattoo stroke which is typically much wider than a natural eyebrow hair.

As you can probably tell, this is something that can truly transform the way you think about your eyebrows. Not only can it save you money and time, but it can effectively allow you to get the eyebrow look that you always dreamed of. Choosing the right professional is very important because it takes a lot of skill and knowledge in order to execute the procedure properly. We have a trained staff on hand in Pittsburgh ready to transform your eyebrows into the eyebrows you have always wanted with microblading.