Microblading In Jacksonville Florida

We all know how the shape of eyebrows can transform a face and that is why even the most basic make-up routines include a brow element. Our eyebrows are one of the most important parts of our facial features and women are always striving to shape and define them into the perfect arches of celebrities and film stars. And there are literally hundreds of brow definer tools and concoctions from pencils to gels to help us draw those perfect angles that will transform our brows into the shape we desire. Our company helps to connect you with the best microblading Jacksonville has to offer.

Introducing Microblading

Now you can stop spending so much time trying to shape your eyebrows with pencils and gels and trying to match them up when you’re running out of time. This is tattoos for eyebrows that are created with a very fine tool with tiny needles that look like a blade. Very fine cuts are made that look exactly like natural strands of brow hair to help create more fuller looking brows or reconstruct the shape of the brows. If you have very sparse, light eyebrows, or no eyebrows at all, it can create the perfect shape and density you desire.

At our beauty salon, we believe that every woman should look her best. That is why we treat the shape of your eyebrows like a piece of art. Relax and unwind in the convenience of our luxurious environment while we transform your eyebrows with our unique technique.

The most important part of the treatment is creating the perfect shape and choosing the right color for your eyebrows. We take our time with this step as after all it is meant to last a long time. Once you are satisfied with the look, our expertly trained cosmetic and tattoo artist will meticulously draw fine hair-like strokes with the special tool. A topical anesthetic will be applied to limit discomfort during the process.

The state-of-the-art tool allows the technician complete control to create precise, thin, hair-like cuts into the epidermis of the skin that are not as deeply ingrained as the strokes created by a normal tattoo gun. This provides a much more natural and refined result. These 3-dimensional looking tattooed hair-strokes help to create structure and add volume to the brow. Specially selected pigments are mixed to match your natural skin tone and applied in a multidimensional way that looks extremely natural.

Your dream eyebrows are just a microblade stroke away, so call us today for an appointment to make your eyebrow dreams come true.