Eyebrow Microblading Dallas Texas

Your eyebrows are as individual as your fingerprints and if you are not satisfied with how they look there are many ways to change their shape, color, and fullness. Whether you like your eyebrows arched, bold, feathered, or natural, you can create your ideal look with pencils, gels, and now, microblading tattoos. If you are like most women who are so tired of performing the same ritual every time they apply their makeup and struggling to keep their eyebrows looking the same, you will be delighted with natural-looking microblade brows that don’t need a thing done to them.

Eyebrows are your most important facial feature as they frame your eyes and create symmetry to the face. Even if you have no eyebrows, ultra-thin blonde brows, or just need your brows filled in, microblading uses several shades of color to create multidimensional strokes that look completely natural. You can have a custom color that matches your natural brows, or create a completely new look with bold arches reminiscent of Brooke Shields or Cara Delevingne.

This is a semi-permanent tattoo that partially or fully serves as a camouflage for missing eyebrow hair. Using very fine deposits of cosmetic pigments with the appearance of simulated hair, the technique is used to create eyebrow definition, cover gaps, extend eyebrows, or reconstruct full brows where there is little or no hair. Very precise, individual strokes are applied by a highly trained beauty therapist and tattoo artist to create the exact shape, density, and color of the desired eyebrows.

It is no surprise that so many women love this procedure to define or fill-in their over-plucked brows. Our professional lash and brow experts will explain the extremely meticulous process to you and show you photos of their work so that you can feel completely confident in their skills and expertise.

The process takes up to two hours to complete as our technicians pay meticulous attention to detail while using a special tool to draw each individual stroke. The most important step is done in the first hour when the best, customized shape for your eyebrows is decided on by drawing them with a removable pencil. Only when you are completely satisfied with the look can the real work begin.

Microblading can last up to three years with little maintenance. The healing process can take anything from 25 to 30 days and a follow-up treatment is advised one month after for a touch-up. After that, a brief touch-up may be required once a year.

The best part is that your new set of brows will be ready to show off immediately after the process. Call us today for an appointment and wake up every morning thereafter with perfect brows that don’t need anything done to them before facing the world.